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spine, especially over the last cervical and several of the

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ago, before the discovery of the local anajsthesia of

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the pleura ; in some instances it is accompanied by the feeling

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some cases it was carried from one family to another by

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use of alteratives, as bichloride of mercury and iodide of

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Georges Hayem, Professeur de Clinique Medicale a la Faculty de M6de-

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itself. At this latter period, diarrhoea of obstinate character often

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readily to their prejudices against cold water. Brand

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Boyd, Mrs. Stanley. Journ. of Obstet. and Gtjn. of the Brit. Ew])., 1900, ix, pp. 40-45.

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Dr. Herman said that readers of the Transactions of the Obstetrical Society

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ancholy meditations ; don't gloat over gold ; never allow your reflections to become

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With regard to the influence of environment upon sex, he quotes Robin's state-

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found him under the operation of a natural or spontaneous

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confluent smaU-pox differs from the distinct smaU-pox in the

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septicaemia, and more rarely influenza, tyj^hoid, and small-pox,

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came on gradually no retinal hemorrhages were produced. He

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The Hospital Staff are ail members of the College Faculty, and the stu-

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tlie snake is consecrated to ./Escnlapius."^ Here is a

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As one of the committee on yellow fever appointed at the

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Saturday, January 11th, sent a small package, from which the following

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paper. Successive layers of paper were put on and made

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anterior urethritis by means of irrigation, because of the danger of

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for the relief of Trichiasis. The eye was very much inflamed, and

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known: acute intermittent prophyria, and diphtheria. Apart

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hand, and the pericardium or one of the pleurae on the other.

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meta-snlph-azotic acid. The neutral sulph-azotate of potash, when

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The exdamatonj tic consists in the habitual emission of some irrelevant

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that the theory of M, Pasteur, upon which Lister bases his treatment,

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authorities— the Local Government Board. The jury were to

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■ English Language, from the Norman Conquest. For the use of Students.

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in the disease under consideration— a cow may feed in a pas-

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Fig. 119.— Very rapid pulse (160 per minute) showing respiratory variations from a child a<red 2h years with

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is chairman, to continue his investigations and report again next year.

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give a very brief resume of the literature on this subject.

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vaso-motor nervous filaments. Paralysis of tliis nerve occurs from pressure

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"cures" in bringing conviction to mankind. Just let any

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and under some circumstances, mistaken for pregnancy ; such as

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In section II. he discusses the treatment where the sacro-pubic

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presented in his treatise, page 322. The cases which have

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Mr. Meade (Bradford), Mr. T. Paget (Leicester), Mr.

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The 2^cirs papillaris has a wavy outline of projections and depres-

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lems confronting the state and must not continue the

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and must place the upper limit for symphyseotomy higher.