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not until October 22 that she could read ten minutes with ease.
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pulse 120; tongue dry and furred; abdomen tender and tym-
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For nil those who can dispose of it, milk is the Inst
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They had not much apparently amiss with them on Sunday
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of suspected disease from trichinae came under the observation of Dr. Yoss.
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of the Principles and Practice of Medicine at University College, London,
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diseases of the throat, nose, eye, and ear has been made
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printed September, 1898. Revised, reprinted, and recopyrighted Aug^ust, 1899. Reprinted
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Change of Address.— Dr. 0. J. D. Hughes (Meriden, Conn.),
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tion has not its tield of usefulness ; its chief utility
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days, and that she has pain in the back of the head and praecordial
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Hsemopericardium (Blood in the pericardial sac) results
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meeting were read from Hon. Dr. Ross, Quebec ; Drs. Hanning-
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namely, the transmission of rabies to man by the bite of an animal.
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yellowish points, which are the corpuscles of Malpighi. The appearance
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tions substituted for the cold ones on the first sign of haziness
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cing equal conviction in the minds of his readers. We think
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of the glans penis at the site of injection of the stovaine. The
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vers Luuatic Hospital had at the end of the official
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ly until a pint of tincture has pasted. Distil off twelve fluid ounces, and evaporate the
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The patient when I satv her was a well-developed, well-nourished
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to Charcot's clinic in Paris, where hypnotism is looked
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and bowels swollen. Dr. F., who had been called to see Case 1, thought
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tions of different pulses produced by altered respiratory movements in various
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eading physicians in Copenhagen, nothing came out of it ; and even
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ciation, Dr. Jewell, of Chicago, recounted his experi-
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in the emergency room; "I didn't know then what they
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incoordination. In the first, sometimes called the pre-ataxic stage, there
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