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sions and exacerbations ; the stools are more fluid and contain

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933110; Aui;ust 3, 1809.— Johnson (A.) Improved medi-

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should be adopted. As will be seen immediately, however, he does not

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tion of the peripheral nerves and the heart, and the absence of

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tidrug use allows the administration of lower doses of indi-

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very large proportion of the inhabitants are affected.

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John Moses, M.D., CM., D.Sc, F.R.C.S., F.R.S.E. With 136 illustrations.

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It is confessedly a difficult and expensive undertaking.

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adjacent structure, by exciting inflammation, by caus-

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me begin with a sentence from Oaler," which it will be

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Stephen R. Newmark, MD, Southwestern Metabolism and

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A probe introduced into the discharging sinus in the eye-

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P>uford, D. T. S. O. 145, Department of Dakota, July 31,

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of 20. The differential count at this time was polynu-

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and cheese, and of certain vegetable substances rich in alka-

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lar rheumatism. He uses a solution of i-ioo or 1-50.

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ment of the bone and increase of heat are not posi-

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tism. It cannot fail to follow, soon or late, the presence of a stone too

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the light of his present experience in cases of bilateral pyo-

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re- written, and in order to prevent any confusion a glossary of

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the bowels, and, after that, to diminish the quantity. After

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be made by the use of the microscope. In acute pyelitis you will

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with the x-ray, it may be necessary to make several

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&°b''t°Hii,o^'^"""°'' Ross, John, New York. City.

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was still open, and he still continued to expectorate somewhat ;

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tions he has made on the morbid changes of the various

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Second, the fact that owing to the bitter competition existing in the past,

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specific treatment to a slight extent shortly before the reaction was made. The

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remedy is well borne, it may \>e continued, in moderate doses, for a long

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489-523-— Tonkoff, V. N.; Vrach. St. I'etersb.. iSgs, vi. , 1201-

stromectol for scabies treatment

duodenum and is apparently pressed on by the periduodenal abscess. ' ressure

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,t the Hygienic Laboratory, and until the chemical examinations

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forms, the patient may be washed with sulphur soap, or with sulphur

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1952. Gefter, William I., 366 Penn Rd., Wynnewood, Pa.

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instruments are employed to deliver, the operator is in

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last three years, and to discuss the distinctive features of

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constitutional warrant for bestowing police powers upon a pri-

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pupil produced in the latest stages of the toxic period. In