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nine improved the patient's appetite, allayed nervousness,
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596. Batter Pudding — Ingredients — 1% cupftns en flour, i teaspoon-
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there w^ere no hair-folHcles on the palms of the hands, and therefore no chance
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extremities and buttocks of an otherwise rather thin subject. Although
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do we see operators clipping a little tissue with the scis-
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of cancer when the lymphatic glands become involved, and in cases of
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and treatment of chronic suppuration of the maxillary sinus,
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stand most in need of it. I do not say this, my young friend,
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below the middle third of the clavicle; after the patient walking
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and from the normal rats we removed one gland so that we had single
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gested the employment of adrenalin chlorid hypoderraically
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disease is recognized, and clinicians should by no mean>
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to the ground with the four incisor teeth attached to it. It was then
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eases of the Rectum" by Thomas Charles Martin of this city.
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Journal for May 24, 1879, Prof. A, R. Simpson reports a successful case of cas-
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40. — Bedart. Ectrodactylie quadruple des pieds et des
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from two to five days. In Fu-chia-tien they made use of railway carriages.
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beyond tbe quarantine station on Staten Island at New York, after the arriyal
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media, L. donovani not growing on N. N. N. medium while L. infantum
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this organ, as a result of which action the tricuspid valves rise up
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urgent dyspnoea, frequent hacking cough, with Liuch muco-
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encyd. d. .sc. med.. Par., 1889, 2. s., xxvii, 685 - 7011.— Ro-