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a large London hospital among in-patients and out would be less than one
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not surgeons. It consists merely in putting a hollow
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The articular surface of the internal malleolus had been
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duced cholera among the animrds. The Niederlandische
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surgical colleagues in the hospital. The limb having
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symptoms to account for them. It is in these cases that the
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symptoms occur that we described when speaking of poUutions.
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only about thirteen or fourteen times, according to his own staitement ;
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tion of opening joints when there was a presumption of fluid in them ; and even
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moval of certain pathological conditions, it must be
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cured him, notwithstanding the splinter did not come out for about a
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favourably the " pseudo-membranous exudation, after a certain
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and the more certain the cure. When not administered
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was larger in size than a fcetal head. For the cases
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of partial obfervation and of liafty conjecture ; to arrive at the
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which in this connection is the only perfect disinfectant.
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aqueous solution of potassium bichromate for red cell counts. The TOrck ruling is
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more probable by the fact, presently to be insisted upon, that sporadic
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“ of a large cat, which came and disappeared I could
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a pain in his left clavicle, which he attributed to constantly bringing the
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individual, having a low blood pressure, there was no
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chancres that he had seen, probably 60 per cent, had
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in hot fluids, such as milk or soup ; in this way a more rapid effect is
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lowing pills are often productive of great benefit.
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industrial medicine practice. New state of the art facility with xray,
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normal during the final period. This augmented excretion of chlorids
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a diagnosis of this condition. These collections of
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pneumogastric, or the large vessels ; or to lead to some
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medical age which now is past. If medicine is to accomplish its
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The ' status typhosus ' is not one of its character-
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by which they are separated in opposite directions, and thus
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of course, tuberculosis is one, indeed one of the most