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made to the treatment of the dreaded complication, hyperpyrexia,

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on all with whom she comes in contact. She possesses

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42. Co-author — ' ' Johnson 's Operative Therapeusia. ' '

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In a broad and general way, I will assert here, that the disorders

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habitations cannot be completely destroyed or removed or disinfected.

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Professor Hadley, completing prescribed courses in two such classes.

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Having accepted appointment as bacteriologist to the Massachusetts

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lying in the continual dropping into the buccal cavity of

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journals. The delegates representing various societies and in-

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such journals, with private and hospital practice, would seem to be

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called the cranial otacoustic, or ear-trumpet. Seeing the disad-

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latter part of the year. This school was at that time one

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time in March, 1881, as an Harsen honor man. He then served for

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grim humor, the climate offers an annual choice of an introduc-

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the apparatus is small. For the upper limb, the model of

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inconsistent, however, with the exercise of due caution, to endeavor to lessen

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cerning the diagnosis ; that our patient is confined to his bed,

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much force." She mentioned this habit, at its commencement,

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who have obtained a real and permanent success in a special line of

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and, as we have lately seen in a German wounded man,

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physician, finding pleasure in the exercise of his profession at Fish-

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1912-13, was chairman of the Orthopedic section of the New York

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