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of the course of medical legislation, and of the history of
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vical vertebrae are placed in the position indicated, it
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level of the first cervical nerve-root, until Wernicke for-
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office space, ground floor, at 304 N.E. Avenue, Wauke-
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den Typhus. Schmidt's Jahrb.. Leipz., 1885, ccvii, 65:
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treatment of the sick— the Head Centre of the Poor-
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single peep at the leaves ; but in this case, there is no such thing as
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Macmillan & Co., 1897. Toronto : A. P. Watts & Co., College Street.
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employed as family medicines, for which there is a suffi-
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which we think did not constitute the disease. The cases of
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do no better than to quote W. W. Ford in a most excellent
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and to St. Luke's Dispensary. In 1878 he removed to
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cured by the sufferer swallowing a living spider. In Somerset,
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to a lump behind his knee which has increased in size
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Monroe G. R. Vincent, Tomah ... C. M. Beebe, Sparta.
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glion had produced practically no effect, when applied centrally to
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h. Evacuation and Hospitalization. Paragraph 5 of the medical
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owing to their worm-like movements, one is liable to get
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bandage. This patient did well, having had no unfavorable
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tarium ; he stated that every incipient case of consump-
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one begrudged the latter his half-day's sport. A game of ball was
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liyperiemia aforesaid or by some other process. Now, these
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of iodoform, used night and morning. The author has also
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was elected president; Dr. Eli P. Flint, Rockville, vice-presi-
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one solid meal. Where the patient cannot assimilate this diet,
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eral allied societies will combine with the corresponding sec-
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prominent symptoms, those occurring with considerable frequency,
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^cted to forcible compression for some time in a folded cloth. The cloth was
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of bloody urine, which he attributed to the confined situation in which he had
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state; her head drooped, whilst occasionally she rolled it from side to side in
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made to carry out a definite movement with the affected limb. In
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c. George, aged one year and three months. The tongue is not
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sents inspiration. A, deep narcosis. B, moderate narcosis. C, light narcosis.
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made in last month's report), seventeen years old and a resident of
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such defective teeth are so frequently occurring in prac-
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There is no granular change in the cytoplasm such as accompanies
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of darkness, may be obliged to yield its vantage ground.
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although the object had proved unworthy — as he said : "I can
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as in the latter the patient is less responsive to questions and appears
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Page 191. He admits the utility of the alcoholic and ethereal
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books are written of which it cannot truthfully be said