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common. In Ireland in 1854 and in Italy in 1898, the attacks were ex-
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made to act once every twenty-four hours, freely and habitually,
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cerning it. The operative procedure is not free from
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Ijours, subjects his organism to the action of alcohol about one third of
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the subjects, thus divided, are more easily dealt with, but
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142 F., affording ample facilities for bathing, and irrigating quite a
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Paracresalol. See Salicylic Acid; Cresol-salicylate.
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tion of the pulse. The pulse before the operation was
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temporary relaxation of a tonic uterus which enabled version to be
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in immigrants who were doubtless infected before they came here, but
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of several of the functional affections of the nervous system (neuroses) to
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tests that we make in the laboratory, are absolutely essential to the
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and whether portions of it have penetrated into the wound. In
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of its financial grants for student scholarships. The
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Dr Rogers, of Findlay, has gone to New York for several weeks to
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bring relief. But in the more complex medical things,
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toxyd of potassium, until (as is commonly but incorrectly said) the
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ammonige acetatis of the Hospital Pharmacopoeia, furnished an ordinary form of
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dyspepsia and has done so for some time. In right supra-
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tance.'" But we are quite of the opinion that an orthopfcdic
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wrapped in a sheet wrung out in cold water, and be allowed to remain in
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In support of the contention he quotes the following case : It was
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opiate in doses sufRcient to effect tliis object. In tiie vast majority of cases,
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A choice of benefit periods Your own occupation protection
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no pellicle forms upon the surface, and Calmette and Breton have recently
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apparently moribund, the respirations being sixty to
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Galactorrhoea in Old Age. — Dr. Caso Luigi publishes two
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But what is especially characteristic of cervical pachymeningitis is the occur-
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He was tattooed from head to foot, from top to too. Thcr»
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appear a few houra before death, which never takes place in
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pieces of legislation. First, the Diphtheria Immunization Bill, which
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Inquiries into the origin of life, and its physical basis, have
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detail regarding these symptoms. The clinical history of the
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ings and the ashes, where it is discharged onto scows — after
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1886-7, xi, 345, — Comparative (A) study of visual ac-