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The severity of the movements varies greatly in different cases. At first

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Anatomy, Medical Jurisprudence, Hygiene, Practical Surgery, and

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food remaining unchanged, a person can eat double the quantity of starchy

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pressure upon the pons and medulla, and thus special clinical symptoms may

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various cortical centers together, and of fibers which proceed downward from

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tabes dorsalis is the disturbance of coordination, the ataxia (see page 204).

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tendency is toward a steady increase in the dementia, but many cases remain

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tutional symptoms, the symptoms of meningitis may be illusory, as in typhoid

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fed phloridzin to fasting animals that had no more glycogen stored up in their

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same dosage. Besides arsenic, some physicians recommend phosphorus. We

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(intracranial) diseases which occur in conjunction with suppurative processes