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which he was almost sure to experience in the American wilderness.

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especially in this and immediately adjoining counties, where the

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attacks. The word pernicious is used in its common English sense of

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Fleischmann, Dr, report of cases treated in his hospital, 203, 904.

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and the findings came second. In the atypical cases,

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takes the form of fibroid change or fatty degeneration, or both. Aortic valve

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ises in other fevers I am not prepared to say, as these

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spread of tuberculosis among cattle. The disease is

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pathological findings, one of which was later quoted and

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the interior organs as the immediate cause of death. In

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a varying amount of cicatricial deformity. Spontaneous healing may

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in children by von Hoffmann and Werdnig and in adults

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eighteen years old, he was given the degree of Doctor of

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sponged up, and ceased to trouble. The external jugular, large and gorged

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in the healthy blood-serum, while the white corpuscles

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and ordered to the Scindia. June 26th. — Surgeon C.

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2. Drowning. — The fact of drowning cannot be verified by any appearances

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second percussion-wave, and is followed by a second tidal or

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Stimulants AND Narcotics: their Mutual Rolations; with

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