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been successfully extirpated without returning. Some of these cases are

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individual. Ehrlich, Kossel, and Wasserman have fol-

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applied for a pension till he can be brought before a Medical

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case temporary insanity had occurred, accompanied by delirium, the

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as well as development, goes on from conception in utero to matu-

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treme vessels ; of which latter, inflammation is the principal develop-

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retical cylinder having its axis located in front of the body.

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men, did too much to civilize this country and make it ready to meet the

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berger noted, Jung "offered a full-fledged new system of dynamic

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give the patient the one chance in a thousand, or shall he refuse for the

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sensibility has the same value as the tuning-fork for the demonstration of differences

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increases the passive retardation of the abdominal circulation

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many members of the family died, and he was obliged to remove the

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Seventh Councilor District, chaired by Dr. Bruce A. White.

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obstacle, because almost all samples of rubber are more

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sympathetic inflammation occurred a month after the injured

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LEARNING TO LEAD.— The next lesson for the colt is

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a tampon, llie following morning I removed the tam-

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will prove at present, as in the past, no eff^ectual barrier

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has suffered from repeated attacks of pericarditis. This, conclu-

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at high altitudes which permit them to withstand lack of oxygen,