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few hours, when they would subside. The trouble went along,
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patient was a boy six and a half years of age. About
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• January 30— February 5, 12th Annual Scientific Assembly. Am.
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said i)reaml)le and resolutions to the Medical Clat>.
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and that the best interests of the community require.
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I prefer the solution of nitrate of silver to the turpentine of Dr. Ken-
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Limbitrol and amitriptyline Granulocytopenia, jaundice and hepatic dysfunction have
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we never were much of a liver doctor, but this case gave clear,
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As a rule, the boards have taken care of the houses and
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ing an ear of barley, suffered from retrosternal pain. After some weeks
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Check hemoglobin, leukocyte count; if both decreased, do bone
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edema in the legs. No liver or splenic enlargement. A few months
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monary artery are of very gra^■e nature, such as a defect in the inter-
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I frequent and habitual malady, through the transmis-
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were applied. At 5 p. m. liis mouth temperature was 98--i°, his
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health is deranged by some constitutional cause, they set up a
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carry disease to persons living in the home or in the neighborhood.
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acute inflammation. The mechanism by which the compression takes place
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into some portion of the gastro-intestinal mucous membrane. For arresting
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1000 of the population. | London was reduced to the rate of 29 in
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12 A. J. Hall and J. M. Beattie : " A Case of Diffuse Neurofibromatosis,"