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involvements of the vascular territories of the brain (aphasia, hemiplegia),

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* Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc., November 26, 1916, p. 1591.

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in traumatic cases unless as secondary procedures. The

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dysentery especially, is that which is due to atrophy of the

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Wcclter (L.l L'oplitalmie synipatbique postupfiratoire.

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powerful. The root also has been employed. The leaves

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antine aff'airs, will regret to hear of his contemplated resig-

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are, as a rule, civil enough, there is no sort of machinery for

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authorized remedies; and he adds that Galen further

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Subscription rate included in membership dues. Non-members: $25.00 per year. Second-class postage paid at New Haven, CT

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tension, strong, and 78 in frequency ; number of red blood cor-

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or less profuse and irregular hemorrhage, and carci-

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title by which he may be addressed. Gentlemen, I thank you.

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hemo-alkalimeter, which is pictured in the accompanying illustration

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Third, age 27, mechanic, fell from a high window during infancy.

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pression could not alter its amount. Contemporary ideas

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of treatment. Late complications, time of immobili-

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had been instances of lympiiadenoma, and he supposed it was within every-

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These several debilitating causes, with the concurrence

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the animals and vegetables by which it is supported. Yet,

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A slow pulse (esiDecially a slow pulse which is becoming gradually

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patient was in a miserable condition when placed in hos-

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case. The apparatus he recommends is of sheet-iron,