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New York Medical Journal, April 14, 1906. The following con-

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{Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc, Jime 12, 1920, Ixxiv, No. 24, p. 1633).

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tion, exerted on a group of structures inducing reflex irritation in the

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limb alone. This he did without inconvenience, thus showing the great accom-

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much older, entered the hospital, Oct. 1st, Iiaving been struck in the

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for sale before deterioration has commenced. This is due to

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all patients for movable kidneys, and found that many

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class, specific, highly infectious, slightly contagious,

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light to detect the delicate and faint macules and rings. Usually the

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incident with low mortality, that limestone or chalk formed

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cases for the ten years ending 1896, against 406 for the

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which, in the present state of our knowledge respecting its pathological

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of a genuine case of strabismus. The eye-balls seemed to be emerging

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mentioned, the influenza was the determining cause, and

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in pill form. I have adopted that way. In order to secure the

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Physicians has itself on various occasions permitted

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sometimes three or four of these proceedings were done at one

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elaborated, and its importance is not fully released her from all suffering and trouble,

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them to degenerate rapidly and has lowered their re-

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February 23, 1918. The first symptom she manifested was running round and

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pneumonia, typhoid fever, etc., a large increase is observed, the

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