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this country : — ulceration — provided it is combined with
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is possible to discover any eruption with the eye which, in about three
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ameebse or amoebic cysts can be readily detected. It should be re-
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that would not be curing it by electricity." I used gal-
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asylum, causes dangerous delay." (Ibid, Appendix No. iv. (par. 1 (b)) to vol.
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The biologist can, by observing growth, effects, etc.
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somewhat confused" (page 114, Philadelphia edition, 1825) ; in a se-
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is partly due to mucus and partly, in some cases, to its protein content,
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within the distended ventricles, the brain being pressed outward so as
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fibres, we find that the physiologists have attacked the problem
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were suspended as of February 15, 1949, pending com-
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sule was thickened and infiltrated. With curved scissors
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was true whether the principal meal of the day was taken in the
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detailed, I have assumed that the immunity produced
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2 Under this head, of course, are to be included the cases coming on after
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observation in a rather limited number of cases of this kind, has cer-
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sion of the bony wall of the cavity, where there is least resistance, may
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Iftected either botanically or chemically. The symptoms suffered by a
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sufficient detail in the medical text-books, and which are just those
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years ago in an editorial in the London Journal of Tropical Medicine
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Here, we will say this : two years and eleven months after discharge a
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number of chemists' shops is 4,671, and of hospitals
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to deal with. The dosage, therefore, must always be based
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assumption of unwarranted authority to which no one will or can
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condyles, and the counter extension by a broad sur-