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be something impossible. It is very easy to be deceived in judging of
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Seventy-one case reports are given, with a very full analysis of
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even extending beyond the curved zone previously described. This definitely
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is an eminently sensible view of the case : " Sir : I think
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folds are sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left, but usually on the anterior
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with the aphasia. These will be considered later. In the following case
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loosens the hairs, and directly attacks the fungus. By the use of
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Usually more food is ingested than is required, the excess being
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The title of this pamphlet is not quite correct. M. Chas-
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spinal cord it cures incontinence. On the sexual system it increases its
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himself, on the title-page of his Exercitatio Anato-
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inflammation of the digestive surface : and in the late epidemic of yellow
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These several topics are touched upon rather than developed. They are,
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stopped until the patient was exsanguinated. This method became so fixed and dom-
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means a group of symptoms characterized by stabbing or
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consider in what degree this accusation is merited, how far it
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no concomitant signs of inflammation, and though itchiness is occasionally
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ways destroys the life of one human being, and possibly
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ball. The danger, real or imaginary, which has been
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of 15 grs. of precipitated sulphur, 10 grs. of salicylic acid, 5 drms.
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the estivoautumnal; in white men 62.5 per cent, of the cases were of
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to have completely perforated the coats of the stomach, although the opening behind,
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of the author for the authorities under whom he himself studied.
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