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controlled by microscopic observations constitutes the most delicate test

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The blind stump was immediately enucleated, and the unex-

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If tliere be an external wound, it must be dressed with the applications suit-

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bowel, and this spur acted like a valve, closing the

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In reference to the treatment of haemoptysis I am afraid that Dr.

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few hours, when they would subside. The trouble went along,

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quinine, and that his consumption shall not be stayed by cod-liver oil. If this

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The contents of the stomach were analysed by Dr. JleymottTidy,

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as of pain. Pulse recovered under this and fell to 144. At 5.10 I in-

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movements ; and in the fact that the student is able to pro-

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come at stated and certain times of the year, did not blow

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Traces of inflammation and congestion about the brain and spinal marrow were

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frontal bone was not involved, but the right inferior

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Formerly the treatment ot almost every patient was conducted in con-

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out the whole treatment, the essential purpose remains

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scribed but six times as occurring in the human subject.

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specialty the tendency of the work was to narrow the field

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Soc.'anat. de Par., 1888, Ixiii, 1002-1006.— Stfsriiiis (G.)

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and was sj^rupy with mucus. These changes did not prevent a further inspissa-

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8.62. This shows the greater gravity of the cases in 1898

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What the ordinary level of protein interchange really

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A very cui'ious circumstance in regard to the visual affection is that

estrace tablets dosage guide

Gastric irritation, — Phosphorus. Dr. F. A. Capen.

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mortem was in the person of a child, where nothing out of the usual