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appear to be invaded by leucocytes, the surrounding vessels being
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gravel for them to dust and feed in. Cooked meats, also ground
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high-dose diuretic therapy, recent intensive diuresis or increase in diuretic dose, renal dialysis, or severe volume and/or
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not found beyond the place of deposit, or in the lymphatic glands
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cotic poisoning; 2, obstruction to the circulation in the lungs, as from embolism
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should be employed. Should the prostate be found enlarged
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" During the whole prevalence of the disease the weather
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either artery or vein with the other vessels on the 0})tic disk.
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Innnlty ; Dr. Sahbon Qeuuix on Physical Diagnosis ; Dr. Joseph Uoats on Laryngoscopy,
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In such cases, the sacs may become filled with fluid,
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sively thinned ; for a great part of its extent the wall is no thicker than
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of the abdominal viscera. In these latter, therefore, ulceration, whether th§ re-
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of the foot, which had caused the axis of the foot and ankle
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47 out of 74 cases, and in 34 of these 47 cases the peritonitis was encysted
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granulations normally existing around the sinus cavernosus may
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spared the greatest anxiety and fear of immediate death; and hope for
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able. Tin young lady, aged eighteen, had Ions had cold
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become cold ; his apathy passes into somnolence, and this into profound
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occur ; and it is probable that if to these conditions in one parent be added
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tremities, being able to feed himself if his food were first cut up for him.
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nal grass, the anthoxanthum odoratwn, is the principal exciting
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ately dilated and react normally. Vision is poor and fields
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and the addition of new medicines they have made to the present edition,