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the bacillus of Shiga from the stools of infants suffering from summer diar-

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contractions. Tickling the fauces or putting one's finger into

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indirectly through the gray matter of the pons. Similar degeneration

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stasis thus coincides with constriction. Ammonia produces these two pheno-

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In this investigation, as already indicated, we used the silver nitrate

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of the viscera. The doctrine he advances is to this purport: the

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the fact that it was absolutely airless, every part of it sinking instantly when

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until half-past seven in the evening. On the 2Tth he took

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or, what is better, sacks filled with straw, firmly wedged under the

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viewed as secondary and auxiliary. Unless these laws are obeyed, pharmaco-

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salpingitis. Am. Gynajc. & Obst. J., N. Y., 1896, Ix, 581.

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the tendon begins to take place four days after the

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most constricted part were found three or four apertures from two to

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sensitiveness could be delected. The condition of the

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therefore than her own height j she Avas found with both legs diver-

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treatment founded thereon has not fully answered my expectation, it has

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as submitted, is accepted as the candidate's dissertation for the Master's degree, to the

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screening was the only preventive measure insisted upon.

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nity, only to be met by strong opposition from Pfeiffer. He sees

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Dr. Ball.vhd said that the fall of rain, when considerable,

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eases ; these points will be reproduced under the head of diagnosis. Other

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"The case was considered, by my colleagues and myself, to be an ovarian

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entin relative to the escape of gaseous fluids from the shores of the Tiber.

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common iliac, ligature of, 81; external iliac, ligature

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(43) In biliofis febribus - - - - balneorum - - - eft

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retro-pubic space, the cartilage is cut through with a probe-pointed knife from