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neuritis, and other nervous disorders has often been recorded, but these
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tion has not occurred. Hence, independently of the a priori objections to a
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operations ; two of my own and one at which I assisted,
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"Your committee have also the evidence of Mr, Fisher, that he often sees
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the veil of mystery is lorn from the medical faker, the naked sordidness and inherent
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of such bulk and importance as Dr. Shoemaker's two volume
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This mode of infection is rare in man, but the usual one in cattle. The
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1897. Davison, Bashbll, M.D., Yemham, New Maiden, Surrey.
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wound. Suture of the fracture or bone plating is, in war surgery,
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conjunctiva, and enables us to treat the condition in its earliest
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drug prepared for oral administration exerted the same beneficial
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also been mixed "svith various bases to form ointments and applied.
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torn, ii., p. 137), what practitioner has not remark-
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Smith, O. Norris, Greensboro; Univ. of Pa., 1933 1938 1938
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Died,— At Donaldsonville, La., Oct 20th, Dr. Van Rensselaer, formerly of the
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lactation, and infants less than one month old. Ceclor penetrates
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tion to what extent our Goverment is bound to protect
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row for his ambition, and in 1853 he came to New York.