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in Part I. of this work under the head Melanaemia. The spleen is more

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moist, the tongue clean, and she seemed about to enter into convales-

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estrace for ivf side effects ssri

the haemorrhage is into the medulla, we find it containing a bloody

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gradually rendered harmless. (6) There is both a natural

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' Minot, G. R., Denny, G. P., and Davis, D., Arch. Int. Med., 1916, xvii, 101.

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abdominal muscles and changes the relation of organs in

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verical or rectal mucous membrane — protrusions that

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arise a question as to the instrument to be used. There is in

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more extended than their present report of them, but their

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the pelvis and to the left of the mid-line. This was thought by the

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first produces a reddish-brown color, the second a blue, and the last a

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distinct vesicular breathing was heard, which was due to an expiratory

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tions" should be acquainted with his behaviour during his stay here as

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paralytic deformities which demand the surgeon's attention can

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And that this break-down is in its turn dependent upon

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the dosage of insulin. Hypoglycemic attacks may be accompanied by a precipitous elevation of

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ger-Feraud's definition of the disease. It is, he says, a malarial fever of

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to such an extent, that the patient is often driven to insanity, melancholy

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height of the seat is to be regulated in proportion to

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apparently well, with the exception, perhaps, of impairment or even total

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the third day in 1 case, fourth day in 1 case, sixth day in 4 cases, seventh

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these truly functional murmurs are not difficult to recognize and

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malarial parasites from the air of swamps, water, etc., is not of the