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feeling of tension and confusion in the brain, oppressed
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voice, difficulty of swallowing ; and emaciation from obstruction
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places from cold, have yielded to its depressing influences in the hard
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found. I, however, dismissed the diagnosis of sarcoma, and
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we find in the slightly-turbid serum which adheres to the mucous mem-
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Dr. Eeece hinted that the case might be one of poliomyelitis, but a day or two
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purulent inflammation with or without perforation of the
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tion will, we think, convince any thinking mind of the fact. But we
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deaths from the disease in the two subsequent years.
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reality and common sense, when animal magnetism is attracting the
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time at the site of the bite, or it may enter sooner or later into
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he had relieved the pain in a glaucoma absolutum by
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duce the accident, inasmuch as the accident could not be caused by the de-
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condition of latency, quiescence of the gall-stones, results. In rare cases
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rotomy to relieve the obstruction and cure the fistula at the same time.
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the progress of surgery in America and in the world.
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very large proportion of the inhabitants are affected.
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he had previously performed a successful Alexander's opera-
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surrounded by the red swollen congested gut. The solitary glands are usually
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pressure on the ball, according to circumstances, at one time through
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swallow fairly well, and many times has but slight embar-
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up in like manner. Pursuing this plan, the author thinks him-
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sometimes actually diminishes, or increases for a few
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tion." According to this estimate, the amount of Quinia each would
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varies in different cases, and may be considered, together with the ecchymoses,
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in being vesicular at first, the vesicles not umbilicated, and not becoming
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Following this is the " REVIEW DEPARTMENT," containing extended and impartial