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the instrument opened freely ; at length it was disengaged
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move the bowels, in order that the supposed cause of the irritation may be
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allowed to do so ; hence the physician should take the
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In conclusion he hoped the co-operation of physician and
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weight and even lead to increase in weight. Similarly, in Experiment
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A large dog, fed carefully, was ^selected for the following
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lean the head occasionally towards the floor, so that the vertex should be
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thus be avoided by suitable precautions. The require-
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imposes. The greatest diflBculty experienced is to hold some of them
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smooth thin skin, a white sliining, or transparent appearance of the
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Of these cases we find fifteen in the literature on the
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tion, being in the minority of cases — about 12 per cent. — evident
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cating bronchopneumonias of influenza are the types which are usually
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dysentery complicated with liver complaints. If given under
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On the 7th day, the tumour was lanced, and discharged a
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ity, absolute humidity, and cloudiness of which are known
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who is " at a loss for a word " tend also to call the visual word-centres
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upon " — Dr Moir refuses to say " selected " — a lecturer or professor
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asylum, causes dangerous delay." (Ibid, Appendix No. iv. (par. 1 (b)) to vol.
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Upon an examination of all we know positively of the conditions under which
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traumatic fever, and then, of course, the symptoms of the one
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by Dr. Githens as follows : " The blood was fluid, of the color and
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of the department over which the commission presides.
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Early meetings — Essays and criticisms — Tlie call to arms.
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now probably for the first time he consults a medical man.
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treatment as long as any obvious swelling remains; for,
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