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blood of cattle when warm, thus separating the fibrin from the

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great deal of stiffness and discomfort was experienced.

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a knife, like tolerably strong glue or linn calves-foot jelly. The colour

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Our applications, therefore, muft be varied, and fuited to the

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from the various abdominal or pelvic tumors, which its presence in an

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involved. Therefore locomotor ataxia, the various forms of

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fats, have additional advantages. They serve the same

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Jones, M. D. (London Lancet.) — In laying before the public the

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an open mind on the matter : it may not be spasmodic stricture, but may have

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substantiated will redound to the honor of the Barce-

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In the third method, that of measuring the efflciency of the kidneys

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— succeeded him. Columbus criticised, in some respects,

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Liver and spleen not perceptibly enlarged. The temper-

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very few receive benefit, except, of course, such good as

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and they soon assume from this cause a coffee-ground character, constitu-

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decreased to nearly a third, notwithstanding a large increase

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unless for a moment, under the direct influence of the will ; still

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bromide of potassium. In epilep.sy, I usually give twenty grains

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Fleischmann, Dr, report of cases treated in his hospital, 203, 904.

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are reproduced, and which commonly occur some time af^r the disease

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reaction (Fig. 3) ; cavity in spinal cord due to hemorrhage (Fig. 4) . . 269

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to Curschmann, even a single leukocyte count of 25,000 is very suggestive of abscess

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7. Handguns for Sale. Style Weekly (Richmond), July 26,

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blishments, in time of war, so little crowded or so libe-

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