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whole moral of man subverted by an excessive potation of ardent spirits;

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housekeeper. The head louse {Pediculas capitis) is common, particu-

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diseases or other matter of any obscene or offensive nature, derogatory to good

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of the nerves, and reproduce its original effects, by transmission to distant organs. The

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injection of ^ grain of curara ; fifteen days sufficed for cure.

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head and adjacent to the cords, and it is not wide enough

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develops in the wake of measles, whooping-cough, or other acute process.

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bowel, and this spur acted like a valve, closing the

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left ventricle and by a diseased condition of the chords.

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medicine, as I have already stated, felt the influence of

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The left pulse is apparently stronger than the right, the rate is 120 per

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hand, and the pericardium or one of the pleurae on the other.

estrace 1mg side effects forum

^settled in trust the sum of £3,000 for the purpose of securing