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'* bath,*' and to the habitual temperature of the body, (which at the time

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case. The apparatus he recommends is of sheet-iron,

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Schweigger says (" Handbook of Ophthalmology," Farley's

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ing quiet breathing and upon full-held inspiration, as minor differences in

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more to do with the production of * colds ' than all other supposed agencies

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could not be produced in puppies, even of the same breed, when fed

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- — "Diphtheria and Other Pseudomembranous Inflammation," "Med. Rec," Feb.

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with a gentle pressure, so as to prevent the separation of its lips ;

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in living agents as morbific factors, for he speaks of the germs (semi-

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St. Louis, Paris. A few of the most important references are given below : —

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thick sour milk, yolks of 2 eggs, a teaspoonful of soda and salt.

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Saturday, January 11th, sent a small package, from which the following

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Thirty-fourth Annual Report of the Department for the In-

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very poor indeed. He is sluggish, and being unable to

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During the palpebral systole the punctum lacrymale is closed.

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determination to fix the pedicle and a part of the tumour

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satisfactory, was performed, and the patient suddenly

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age (1 ounce of chondrus crispus to 1 pint) of water ; when

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ologic examination made of the discharge, the report of which

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tered every half hour until the hemorrhage should cease; also