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others that the tumour becomes practically unilocular. In others the cysts
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to dissect or to perform the operations of surgery. All such opera-
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thus, that it can be subdued and regulated much more certainly than the
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nized when the operation is performed through the vagina ;
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were applied to the hepatic region. Both of these means,
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apparently moribund, the respirations being sixty to
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Historical. — Coloured sweating may occur in most parts of the body,
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3. On the Operation for Retroflexion of Uterus. A. Mack-
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Dr. Paget : I merely selected certain of these letters —
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would apply this plan of treatment, that the most watch-
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LINGUAL TONSIL IN SINGERS.— (-^<?^/. News, Oct, '95,) Ray. This is more
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something the matter with medico-legal science in this
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beyond all doubt. I visited the State of Maine, when the epidemic was
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subside this matter can be easily settled by a careful examination of the
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days preceding the time of first coming under observation.
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stitution and By-Laws will be presented for consideration and
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(loc. cit.) regarded 23 cells per field and Slack (loc. cit.) 50 cells as a
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1 . Friedman E: Women and Medicine— From tension to truce. In Women and