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and rheumatic-gouty are not outlived. The cancerous
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and the body of a cart-horse; (2d.) Small ponies that are
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— succeeded him. Columbus criticised, in some respects,
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I spoke in my last letter of Medical colleges and some of
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size, gets completely covered. It is even now a disputed point whether a
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congestion of the nerve and that presupposing an active
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a distinctive macroscopic appearance to the individual colonies sufficient to allow
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death. Applying this supposition to the explanation of
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and the bowels have always been regular. — \ing a Ganglion — The situation of ganglia.
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about the eyes, delirious at night, but often fairly
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Dr. W. Hill (in reply) : I gather Dr. McKenzie thinks the papillomata
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therapy, e g., subcutaneous epinephrine solution 1:1000 (0.3 mL to 0.5 mL), should be promptly administered
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1 H. W. Barnum, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. : Personal communication.
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Accordingly, the limb was strongly flexed at the knee
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8. An Expository Lexicon of the Terms, Ancient and Modern, in Medical
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To the above causes must be added the decrease of employ-
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which of course have been washed, picked and dried ; mix with
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effect, but in all but the very earliest stages of tuberculosis it gives rise to
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white cells, 9,500. The coagulation time (by Sir A. E. Wright's coagulometer)
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the venereal disease. The indiscriminale and excessive pro^
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