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[Abstr.] : J. d'ocul. du nord de la Prance, Lille, 1892-3,

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is great cunning and contrivance in adapting means to ends. Among

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and that no demands must be made for the first twelve

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the Peritoneal Cavity. (Concluded). S. McC. Hamlll.

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in itching, accompanied by an irresistible inclination to scratch, symp-

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a marked departure from healthy structure was observed. The process by

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CISC, viz. of sufuciently dilated cs uteri, the accouclieur being

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unconsciousness is usually not profound ; the patient is often open to sug-

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and the mothers of such infants are treated indoor at Baird

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The foregoing is certainly a plausible theory. It is just as possible,

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2.30 seventeen ounces, and at 6.30 sixteen ounces. Thirst intense ;

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causing permanent deafness, either by closing up the tube, or by

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sages; all the sympathies linking these with the other viscera are

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operated on, even by surgeons of widest experience and

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of the root which gave it origin. Two great fields are patience and obser-

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(Iceland, Greenland). The usual hosts are the seal, walrus, and dog.

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In the case of miner's nystagmus, however, the symptom is no doubt due

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editor of the Nashville American, Mr. Albert Roberts. When I met him

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that the amount of j)henol put into serum is not likely to