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together, but without entirely discarding this method of approx-

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and orifices of the heart. These are known commonly as valvular lesions.

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Symptoms and Course. — The mildest form of croup differs from

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are cut off from their communication with the medullary

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be extirpated. This can only be done by opening the abdomen and

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required, and it is these that often tax the ingenuity of the

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Of this number, 110 have been lost sight of (a good many of these have

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The difficulty was, that this rascal controlled colleges

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made in the infectious diseases, bringing the subject up to the most

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his death, and then in a state of almost complete exhaustion.

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contraction at all, except at the moment of closing and

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Medical Mission, says that neuralgia is very frequent in

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food must be selected according to indications for each individual.

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The electrical neurine dispensed to combine with the arterial

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erer, in the extremities. The appearance of petechiie is by no means

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On this day, at his urgent and persistent demand, he

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Phojnix Park. This disturbed spell was caused by the sluggish

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sublimate after suffering organic influence — are easily per-

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conditions, is one of the most common predisposing antecedents of

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of the brain Was covered with a layer of dark blood ; there was great

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staffs of the metropolitan Hospitals and schools, caused by

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The Treatment of Acne. — The "Gazette des hop." gives (1888. No.

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joints, and which hardens and crystallizes as it collects. I may

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or by precipitating the substance from its solution. Sometimes

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is gradually absorbed, or is spontaneously or artificially evacuated. In

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alved; rinse again; sterilize with boiling water or steam; then keep inverted in

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If the examiner has satisfied himself that there is an indurated area,