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Reflexes. — ^The triceps jerks are still elicitable though reduced,

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L,ocal application to the pharyngeal or laryngeal mucous membrane

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leptic, alterative, and anodyne; and to promote the exfoliation of

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glands become affected in consequence of disturbances, the local effects of

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ing fibre-cells ; the gland-cells had large, round nuclei

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histologically normal except that about one in four of the cells

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results, it is necessary that the original dilution should be of exactly

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drawing the tent a piece of whip-cord, long enough to reach

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stress on the necessity of there being absolutely no food in the stomach con-

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function, of those local and slight forms of myelitis which may fairly be

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Apr. 12. Both tonsils further reduced; cr>'pts inverted. Adenoid tissue con-

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del Coronado, San Diego. Fri-Sun. 17.5 hrs. $350. Contact: Dawne

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adaptation is optional. The inventor seems to dis egard

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Some discussion took place as to the subject of hysteria in

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his being confined to his room till desquamation is complete.

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period from August 22, 1892, has elapsed — two years and nine

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May 27 Tumor Conference, Dakota Midwest Cancer Institute - 12:00 noon McKennan Campus, Info: Norma Wise,

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discharge of blood is considerable, one or more of the subjoined measures

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asked; and that if the fee had been twenty dollars instead

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much gTeater impression on the pulse than when the orifice in

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chloroform to prevent putrefaction, and the mixture kept at 40° C.for

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Uro-Radiology Workshop (Urologic Imaging), once monthly, 5:00 p.m., UAMS Urology Office, Room 2S08

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tion, and removing any tension or pressure from the painful

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