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strong, incompressible pulse, and the pain is very severe, a blood-letting,

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union," and require a little more time for recovery, yet may we not gladly

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alteration in the neurotransmitter system associated with

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course. The opportunities of observing and discriminating such

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chalk, salts of the heavier metals, acids, and alcohol, with

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application of radium, and of the histological find-

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integration was not clear. They advanced the theory that through

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combustible substances are generated and accumulated in plants,

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side; ptosis; paralysisof tbe external rectus ; ■weaknes.-i of

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twelve degrees lower than at Sydney. Mean daily range about

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covering, in a position where there will be no exposure to

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two days later, and the abdomen was thoroughly examined,

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Entioickelungsgeschichle (Merkel-Bonnet), Band xii, 1902-1903; "Die Paraganglien, "

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chemically with nerve-cells to produce its effect. (3)

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melancholy, in fact. She will not go out, and avoids

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Figure 1. — Estimated rate* of AIDS defining opportunistic illnesses among men who have sex with men (MSM), by race/ethnicity and

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vessel from the West Indies, called the brig Defiance, of

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It may be used of this strength for the class of persons, who

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