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Charleston and Worcester 1 each. From cerebro-spinal menin-
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and, Mr. President, were they allowed to collect their debts and moke
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RACHFORD. Med. News, April 22, 1893, p. 429. 41. RANNEY. N.Y. Med. Rec.
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Other Investigators: John M. Vierling, Warren F. Rumble,
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Medical Treatment. — The patient must, it need hardly be said, be
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FEBRILINE is a perfectly white, or colorless, syrup; does not contain a
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List of Changes of Stations and Duties of Commission-
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Physical signs and subjective symptoms — General aetiology : exciting and
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tional disturbance of the intestine — enteric paraplegia.
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favorable, yet on the fourth day a slight iritis appeared in the other,
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scelotirbe vinta prosperevoliiiente dal potere della segala
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gue is usually more or less coated and breath has a bad odor.
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Feeling renewed confidence, in the al)sence of any un-
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every house, and very kind-hearted. He was also a great reader,
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gargle. He was directed to go to bed. September .30 I saw
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symptoms were for a short time alleviated, the pulse was not quite
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culty restrained, and death often taking place from the loss of blood.
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Great Portland-streetj^ p.m.; Royal Free, 2 p.m.; Royal London
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7 Q Microsurgery of Lumbar & Cervical Spine — Lo-
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differ in the lecut from neutral recuting salts, such as
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the isolette. There he was, a little cloth cap covering his
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It may be seen in union with other signs which are more clearly hysterical ;
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lignant cases, the great majority have ended fatally. The experi-
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not the only place where we may study pathology. The sick-room will