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7. Barber v Superior Court. 147 Cal App 3d 1006, 195 Cal
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In the foreground is Francis J. Nagle, PhD, an associate professor of
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Management: Management of acute intoxication with sym-
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twenty-seven hours, and waters escaped for twenty five hours; her whole ap-
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to this destruction of the soft parts of which he speaks as requiring
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resides in these living and moving molecules. It is a curious fact, too, that
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served, about a pint, but several pints have in certain cases been
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in its growth had encroached upon the abdominal cavity, gradu-
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ulcer wasi one and a half inches long by seven-eighths
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which are impregnated, until that new impulse is received.
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attended with pain and difficulty in micturition. Be-
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day of the month, preceding issue to be corrected in the current number.
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voluntary discharge of urine and feces; (2) vomiting
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4. The edema is accompanied by a diminution in phenolsulphone-
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oxygen inhalations. It is noticeable that oxygen affords
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the ear or in other ways) ; it passes through the stricture to the stomach.
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mosphere is sufficient to separate it in any noxious quantity; and