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The President — Section 1 5, page xvii. says : ' ' The Council shall appoint annually from

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when Prof. T. Childs, who had succeeded Prof. Peaslee in that institu-

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And to my friends who encouraged me through it all,

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In October, 1918, influenza broke out in a group of the Student

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was microscopically demonstrated in about 10 per cent,

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cells, and the interchange takes place which results in the blood

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surgeons. To effect the radical cure it must be com-

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log. Society of Philadelphia, Nov., 1901) are a large

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as cerebral rheumatism. The disorder is a perilous one, but one which is,

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after delivery. It was asked if a cathartic might not be useful.

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in military surgery and also in gunshot wounds in which

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their effective outputs for the purpose of the radiologist and compared

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time. As attack progresses the intervals of ease become shorter,

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the rising of the sun. We can keep out of his rays, and we can

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of junior medical officers to close up, as well as possible, the

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Houser, W. H., Cherryville, N. C. Med. Coll., 1900 1900 1904

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when the master found that the return would spoil the prospects of

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constitute the natural goal of progress, and tend instead to the

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The clinical picture of anarthria may, under some circumstances, result even