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In the thorax — the left lobe of the lungs covered

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dressed, as it had received some slight cuts in the struggle, owing

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Nord. ophth. Tidsskr., Kjebeuh., 1892, v, 1-17.— Schncl-

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4. Kolodny, A. : Symptomotology of tumors of the frontal

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Electrocardiogram, an error in, arising in the application of the electrodes;

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Differential Diagnosis. — In renal colic the pain begins

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investigated the molecular variance of von Willebrand's disease with reference

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Fig. 2. — Trypanosoma gambiense, as observed in this case. Note the flagelium (long

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by the Lords Justices of Appeal, reversing the decision of the

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the knees ; in other cases the extremities more extensively, and the trunk.

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of the Medical and Surgical Treatment of Appendicitis, by Dr.