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use of the following solution : Nitrate of potassa, grains 15 to

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Crt.se 14.— February, 1906 : Mrs. B., aged 43 ; perineum torn to sphincter; retroversion of

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bone. Tri-State M..J. & Tract., St. Louis. 1897, iv, 436.—

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found to be elected : — Dr Bennett, Mr Hawkins, Dr Acland, Dr Andrew Wood,

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contact with infected animals or their surroundings, or of eating infected

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Dr. E. Abrahams read a paper entitled, "The Trendelenburg

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1:30 p.m. Alabama Academy of Radiology Luncheon and Scientific Meeting— Roussos Restaurant, Battleship Parkway

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disorders, those fruitful sources of cardio-vascular disorders and

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