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of medicine in those Territories which are not yet organ-
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shown that this disease prevails often in places which
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most interesting and instructive talk on the subject of the Genito-
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thigh, at least twenty sections of the limiting mem-
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Wiachapreague, and Cape Charles City, Va., for the pur-
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gelatin-acid salts. The curves in Fig. 6 are similar to (but not identical with)
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for all the writing and research upon such subjects.
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whole or in part of any prison, house of correction or jail, or any county
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London: Bailliere, Tindall & Cox, 1884. Pp. 66.
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occurring in the case of a heated serum and a relatively lesser inhibition
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Angeles, 1892, vii, 405-409. — Kirsch (V.) Pripad tyfu
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spinal cord it cures incontinence. On the sexual system it increases its
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of similar character they estimated the corn yield at 15 bushels per acre
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encourages dental caries. In other words, resistance agents
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evidence, upon which he concluded that the vomiting was reflex or
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allowed to deceive us. After such pauses the malady generally breaks
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AbdoTninaltyphus. Centralbl. f. klin. Med., Leipz.. 1885,
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of the gall bladder and is attached to the liver. In con-
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concluded that vaginal discharges might be classified as normal and patho-
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but no tape-worm. On the other hand. Dr. N. S. Dar-
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attained the popularity which they deserve, largely because there was
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/ e., the lower border projects further backward than the