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showed detachment of the retina. Patient had no pain.

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patient declared he felt better, begged to get up, and

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contained 48,929 blind ; in 1890, with 62,622,250, contained 50,568 blind.

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In connection with this case, we will notice two others, entirely dis-

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which had discharged pus ever since. Two years and a half before her admission to the

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in degree, fatal cases often terminating in hyperpyrexia. At the beginning

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giving the cell a fringed appearance somewhat like that of

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of all others who habitually use one group of muscles. Writ-

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give our readers the best idea of the importance of the

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and remain capable of developing when they are put into water under

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took to use the injurid limb, and. while so doing, the leg gave

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on the laryngeal lesion. Care should be taken always to avoid fatigue

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common agreement at the present time. We can safely assume

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I have done it. I have done Schauta's operation, as

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* Delivered at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, Feb. 21, 1874..

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Charles F. Sutton, S.M., Assistant in Bacteriology.

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on account of these symptoms that the patient consults a physician. The

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would have agreed it was a most unusual case. She looked so ill that he was

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right kidney. After freeing the adherent colon which lay on top of the

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tween the superior maxilla and inter-maxillar}^ bone, but went

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Dr. Geo. B. Rice, Boston, was elected president, and Dn

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dorsal splint, but without effect. He returned bleeding as

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determine moral delinquency, and I think his calling our attention