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carried out soon, preferably within 1 hour after the blood is

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England. I met a barefoot man who had, to my surprise and

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(2) Tracheotomy was delayed by the use of the tubes of Schrot-

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through transmitting columns of equal or of different lengths. If

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slight. Minute linear scarifications have been recommended where the

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thy, May, 1883), having occasion to quote the " Organon," ex-

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rial. The results are well known. The total inability of what is

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that both the stomach and the colon always contain considerable

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become livid, and the pulse more frequent and small. There is extreme

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(1) Measure the filtered, acidified urine and add five times

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as the percentage of carbon dioxid in the inspired air was raised.

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coccus and gonococcus, the vibrio of cholera, besides others whose exact

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in the milder or ambulatory forms. It seems more common in males than in

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their symptoms between the 10th and 20th of August, the

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that the enlargement of the leg was due to circulatory inter-

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plications; to it belongs — a. pseudo-exanthems : erythema nodosum, urti-

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Faradization and frequent replacement of the womb by the

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drug remedies and their indications are less so, and to the con-

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(4) Development of color in standards. As for blood anal-

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prepare such a book than Henry N. Guernsey. His age, knowl-

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such cases from the slough into which they had fallen is no slight

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of tongs or a test-tube holder, heat over a free flame

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smears made from the lesion show the characteristic organisms.

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(6) Immerse for 10 minutes in 70 percent ethyl alcohol to

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II. Systematic dilatation of the stenosis after tracheotomy,

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deprecated the method of trusting to lieutenants and followers

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fairly be said to be suffering from pessary on the brain, so incessantly is she thinking

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looked for its termination so soon. From that moment he declined rapidly, and

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There had been some cough without temperature and her pulse,

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minutes in an Arnold sterilizer or in an autoclave with

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however, pure cultures of Actinomyces may be obtained.

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to such organisms can only be acquired by direct contact ; a predisposition

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famine, it is most likely to attack those suffering from hunger and

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surgical side on April 7, 1915. She was discharged May 20,

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in his recent work on the hereditary nature of crime, adopts this

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cautions. In the case of rickettsial disease, blocks of the

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its height in some thirty-six hours. It lasts from one and a half to two

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history of heart or kidney disease or apoplexy. In 153 cases

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with those of the centrifuged standards.** The reaction

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in amyloid disease of the liver, ascites, due to portal obstruction, is

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other words, the ''Babinski is negative." Thus we have no

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