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which have been hitherto regarded as entirely medical. This interest will

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which the annual inspection of cattle was made just before the

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mined just how many animals he bit. About noon of the same

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Dr. E. S. Muir, of Philadelphia, Pa., is a devotee of the

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Experimental ligation of the splenic artery demonstrates that the

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Dr. M. V. Byers, of Osceola, Neb., has the sympathy of his

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when injected into the circulation. This is also equally true of other

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St. Paul, Minn. He also travels by the ''Journal Special."

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injection is very early, one can wait as safely twelve hours as ten

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is an acceptable preparation for children, as is also aristoquin and

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Occluded duct, producing epiphora, requires surgical treatment, and is an

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duty in the quarantine service west of the Mississippi River.

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of from 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 3 inches. The weight

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tightly; over this place a dry woollen bandage, and change every

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water before using it, and do not touch the needle afterward either

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alone. By even mail I send you a photograph showing something

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tract, and nephritis may follow chicken-pox, but such sequelas are rare.

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standing with his head pressed against the wall, badly bruised,

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resort. A weakly neurasthenic with a feeble circulation will usually do

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Pernicious Anemia. — Seven patients with pernicious anemia have been

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Hoppe-Seiler, who discovered that a number of alkaloids, espe-

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Dr. Ryder next read a paper entitled '* College and State Examinations."

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Subject : A four-year-old Clydesdale mare^ weighiDg about 1600

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ri"-ht firmer and less injected. Optic thalami firm, slightly injected.

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A sample of the intelligence of one of the veterinary appointees

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especially burns, and are not leprous in their pathology.

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is still confined to certain commercial centres where large importa-

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pects of a pension in the case of injury or death that are enjoyed

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strength and size — holding between ten and eleven ounces. They can be obtained

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ecuted by Municipalities.*' One by Dr. S. G. Burkholder, U. S. Service at

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returned as "chronic diarrhea," owing to their pro-

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he has duly elected as honorary member of the Society.

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Progress. Some weeks later we found all the symptoms more

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were tried, and some were even adopted as specifics. Among