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which would not only allow of the library being increased to

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Mankind at large of Pendency of the Epiglottis." The learned

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In the year 1869, recognizing the importance of securing both suspen-

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infection of other members are greater among the poorer classes, where

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may be transmitted from man to the lower animals and vice

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In 1685 Prussia established a central medical bureau,

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number of points of practical importance, such as the selection

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lesions, therefore, may be found secondary to scratching on the scalp,

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consideration of the insufficient data upon the physiologically normal values, it is

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cause, or from sympathy with the stomach, intestines, or liver.

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that the chapters on normal dentition and on varieties of the

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dition of the whole body predisposes to the formation of

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My head is almost bare now, but perfectly free of the trouble,

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indifferent, those whose limitations of growth, like the early embryonal

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2 Oliver, Ophthalmoscopy, in Keating's Cyclopsedia of the Diseases of Children, vol.iv, p. 238.

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Ellsworth, assisted by Dr. Ralph D. Leonard, and by a trained

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The number of visits made by patients, old and new, at

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and glandular structures, must therefore be much relieved of conges-

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to decide with any confidence upon the precise character of the spotted fever

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rapidly involved, extension being either by continuity or metastasis.

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ties. These parasites occur in all the fleshy parts of the body. I have seen them

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tions instmct us on the relative importance of each of

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flier, and is in no sense a migratory mosquito. It stays about houses and

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and sanitary reformer. The presentation took the form

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employed to do the work. The sequence of the three stages is