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with iodoform gauze. The child's temperature gradually

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The conditions which favor the development of the one

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manent hospital at. Camp Lincoln, near Sprinflgeld.


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been found only in the retroperitoneal tissue. They are

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treatment in the great majority of cases, especially when

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atrophy of the cerebellum is sufficient to explain the entire

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ants, including the crew at the tug stotion. l^e physicians are

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ture, a rapid running pulse, with the early development

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At the autopsy the omentum was found adherfent to the

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were thoroughly discussed in their various phases, and re-

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ganglion cells of the anterior horns, but extending also, when

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Plague at Cape Town. — Up to May 13 there have been 610

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paralyzed In lower ilmbs ; no control over bladder and rectum ;

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muscular lesions of chronic rheumatism may be connected with

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in the overlying coil of intes.tine, and tympanites over the up-

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dletetlscbe AnstaltsbebaDdlung der Lungen tuberkulose, 1899.

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Adenoma Sebaceum of the Non-symmetrical Type of Darler.

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are not found in the deeper organs, the morbid changes

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the same manner, and was able to produce the same im-

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into Baltimore on his tuggeation, and for many years he strenu-

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from 1048 autopsies on the bodies of adults. Tuber-

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mails for fraudulent purposes, and of Dr. J. H. Hoyer, Cleve-

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observer's eye. The patient's head is fixed immovably

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sensory nerves branch from Meissner's corpuscles and tend al-

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7 years old, who had been ill for about a month previous to

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bacilli or ' their toxin when simultaneously or subse-

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ureter was unavailing. The colon was then pulled over and a

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so that a majority of the most experienced in brain

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PBINCIPI.B3 OP SuROEEY. By N. Senn, M.D., Ph.D., LL.D.. I*ro-

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disttirbance often seen after large and continued doses

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Society for the meeting held Oct. 18, 1900. Circumstances pre-

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influence directly transmitted, whether as a specific

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neck. 5. That acute pneumonia, and other forms of acute

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to incomplete relief of the compression. Unless the

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Lennox Browne resorts to saline purgatives, iron and