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3 to 4 per cent, solution of eucaine, or 10 drops of a 1 per cent, solution
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i-eceived from the public; the disposing of unclaimed dead,
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Mr. John Patrick showed a patient the whole of whose
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Dr. C. p. McNabb, of Knoxville: Mr. President, — I want to thank
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part should be at an angle to the hind part if their axes are shown
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fourteen out of twenty-four (living) children, hyaline casts were found, together
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reaction of the solution containing the ferment. In the dry state it
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is not due so much to turgescence of the bloodvessels, or to oedema
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* I have previovisly pul)lisli('(l two papers on this subject, one in the
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may have more or less to do with tlie existence of the neuralgia. Diathetic
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Recent investigations have led to a great following of
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13. Izumi AK, Hanke CW, Higaki M. Mycobacterium mari-
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small areas; the disease may then assume a mild type, and
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not produce any appreciable effect on its chemical composition,
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throp. de Par., 1895, 4. s., vi, 540-553. JZso [Abstr.| : Ann.
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1-019. The patient was a female, who had suffered from tertian
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as we can judge, the results of purely scientific investigation do not
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Young people should find a meaning in the film. A girl
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As a rule, the liability to bronchitis is less in proportion as persons are
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of articles which it permits is about as follows : All
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casts or high blood pressure, chronic nephritis. Recently, there has been a great
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This pad may be made of gauze and fastened to the body by means of
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incisor teeth, completely hiding the latter from view. The tumefaction at this
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and turpentine are especially worthy of consideration.
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tially of an intranuclear network of fibres and a nuclear juice.
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ularly under the most adverse circimistances, and, if separated from
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position and the distribution of the nutrient artery of
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and I to 2 /X in breadth, lying in the cells or m the duct. I hese
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month of utero-gestation ; disease not communicated to the child. — Dr. Storer
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every three hours. The child could retain nothing, was in
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1894, xxi, 41. Also, transl. .- Progrfes dent.. Par., 1895, xxii,
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in allowing the sick the free use of cold drinks, especially in Southern
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in current law which grants full support for the additional two years of training beyond first certification required
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607. Gingerbread Pudding— Ingredients— 2 oz. lard or butter, 2
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surrounding parts should be carefully washed and dried after every
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by bending the tines of a fork and the handle of a spoon,
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following the use of the uterine sound, there is a strong
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gress of the bougie by pressure against the posterior wall, with a finger
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the edges of the nail. These become irritated and sen-
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that, just at this juncture, competent observation is the chief
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show tiiat it was of the greatest importance to get the peri-
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%)Osterior — Heels directed backwards, toes forwards.
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the Continent. "This conquest of tetanus is one of the notable