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supported by the little sufferer in her lap. There was also a
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Adult Hemophilus Influenzae Pericarditis — Jafari
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A recent visit to the Mayo Clinic aroused my interest in blood trans-
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these are all extemporaneous preparations, which must be soon used, as
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velopment depends upon the elasticity of these obstacles.
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sleeping) are used by the patient to commit suicide? In the
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Public School Xo. 4 contained 163 scholars : 157 emmetropes, 2 myopes,
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so bruise either directly or by contrecoup. Col. Gordon
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Dr. Jackson, called sulphur cream. The formula is :
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early symptoms of perforation were extremely obscure. The author
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few years the practice upheld by Dr. Rush, Dr. Brown, and the schools
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Revue illustree de polytechnique medicale et cMrurgieale for
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unates. This is indeed an immense advance, but we must do more.
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are most characteristic of diseases like tabes and syringomyelia, in
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the subject not yet settled, I think it possible that it may
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In congenital hernia, and in certain cases of hernia