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Under no circumstances should this class of patients be allowed to use stim-
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tannin is then injected. This occupies for imbibitioQ
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demned. Our Association condemns everything which is
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even those in the decline of life were not wholly exempt
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laboratory, this preparation has the following compo-
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Comparative Effect of Immediate Separation from Clot and Separation after Stand-
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the eighteen belonged also to the arthritis series. In three rabbits
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Dr. BACHE*stated, that whilst walking in the street, he was called
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tations are very appropriate : some we do not understand.
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withstanding the constancy of the conditions, it is apparent that
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occurs in children. Traumatism and exposure to wet and cold are named
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Symptoms.— Inflammatory red softening is usually attended by well
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In one case a severe reaction occurred which resulted in an aggrava-
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appear, as is seen in Tables VI and VII, in which the same technique
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oesophagus extending to abdomen. It is a medicine of the
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have fallen this season under the notice of Dr. C, within the limits
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of the blood vessels still existed, it was, however, much less intense.
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degree, relieve the pain in this case, and relief was only obtained
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' The following are the best tests to determine the presence of sugar in the urine : —
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openly justified, is excused by the Boston Medical Journal. We
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The publications of the Sydenham Society of London continue
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in those individuals who had been some time previously bitten by a
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As already stated, the hygienic surroundings and the previous habits of the
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On motion, Resolved, That a Committee be appointed by the
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wind to be from the north of east, blowing a heavy gale on the 9th,
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dangerous to those about him. Kleptomania and dipsomania are said to
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in the chart; the apex showed slight dullness with a few tales; many rales were
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pression of eyes dull; screams frequent, hydrocephalic; asked if a
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men for examiners. The matter of service and renmner-
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repeatedly injected several observers have noted symptoms of my-
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performing, at an earlier period, the task submitted to them, in a
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and all at the time of death had visible left foreleg buds; all were smaller than the
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seven cloudy. On the lOth, in the forenoon, we had lightning and
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sinuses, especially the transverse and petrous, may lead to it, especially
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and thar hyperplasia of the perimysium is more pronounced.
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intestine were covered with a layer of mucus, sometimes so thick as
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Skin, with Provings and Cases. By John H. Claike, M.D. 207
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to produce septicemia and the degree of the agglutination of the in-
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pearing corpuscle. The nucleus of the parasite at the left may be seen to be dis-