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decided to test the validity of certain reactions applied to that compound,
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pletely take care of the Branch expenses. It was, therefore, urged
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appears as if the chronicity of the case should regulate the
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was certainly feebler. The proccordial pain had increased, and
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pneumonia. Let us take typical cases of these. In broncho or lobular
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his son, takes the form of a letter addressed by permis-
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since then she has been blind. The tension in both eyes was
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degeneration. Upon examination of the arm, a cord-like
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cele and papilloma of the skin. The deformity increased
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Conditions in hospitals, indescribably bad ; overcrowded, sanitary
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Cardiac rate synchronous with respiratory rate; G. W. Xorris 691
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lieve that in this case constipation was the real cause. Opium administered
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At 10 o'clock the Executive session adjourned and President
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* " Treatise on Diseases of the Chest," etc., by Dr. R. H. T. L.aen-
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