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gestions by a note on the subject in the Journal of June 10th.
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when it may be assumed that much of the lead previously
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D.S.O., is promoted to be Brigade-Surgpon-Lieutenant-Colonel, rice W.
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acter, opened a new field for observ^ation and study.
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onerous part of its foreign service is in that country. Many of
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The increase in membership, the multiplication of inter-
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forms of cirrhosis of the liver have one characteristic in common,
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Sir Charles Cameron: If it were considered desirable by
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by Burroughs, Wellcome & Co., of London. He rapidly improved
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was the first to meet these two distinct fevers, face to face, and to dis-
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at command, the supj^ly being drawn partly from the carbohydrates
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monium, and duboisia, are each effective and seem to relieve the
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jerkings from catching cold by putting it in a canton flannel bag tied
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the training of probationers. The diminution of sufferiog consequent on
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n.? and 34, Vic, cap. 26. Notice of appeal was given on behalf of the Phar-
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toms pertaining to Addison's disease. So markedly is this the case,
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doublv qualified; must devote his whole time to the duties of the
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as being, qualified chemists and druggists. A case of this kind is re-
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Battalion, the Queen's own (Royal West Kent Regiment) ; Surgeoo-Major
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operation, the wound was almost healed, and the lad was