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"articular rheumatism "by a physician unacquainted with her constitutional

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shape of a fog, on the side of the mountain above, whilst its existence is certain

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The heart showed evidences of mitral and aortic insufficiency. The spleen

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postdiphtheritic paralysis. Each case of poliomyelitis, in accord-

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relief will frequently be obtained by elevating the temperature of the

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there was clonic spasm of the lower jaw and rigid retraction of

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ordinary diseases of the country. So far as the nature of its diseases

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aq. font. 5i; or a mixture of kreosote gtt. vi; aq. font. 3ij, applied by a

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not characterized by the same active contraction as we usually

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B'etoit fait seulement que dans la sortie de Tenfant; car s'il e&t e!e lon^-temps serre do la

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Annual Meeting in May, 1835.) — The subject of the following case is a

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more extensive than is suspected. Dr. Busch has collected the titles of 2,475

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galvanism was applied were kept moist by the same saline solution with which

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(a) The necessity of going into the past history most thoroughly

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error in answering this question in the affirmative if we include

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duct. In such cases as these it may be justly said that ignorance is bliss. —

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to that condition of quantity and combination which is found to exist in

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• Deutsch. Arch. f. klin. Med., 1902, l«iu. 511.

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a determined effort to expel its contents, and shows all the evi-

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quent change in position during the early days after the operation,

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D. E. Salmon, in Bulletin 38 of the Bureau of Animal Industry,

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statement that the membership of this Association had fortunately

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(j) As so many of these cases of acquired displacement or fix-

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The second story is occupied by a series of preparations illustrative of

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tion of every step of it being given. The advantages of the plan adopted by

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terms, is to help toward the solution of the external problems of

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finally cause a lesion of the tissues. This will be readily understood, when it is

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The capsule in the section examined (from the hepatic surface) shows

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organism and of preparing vaccines, may be lost. If, as seems

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56. Ficamare and Pittacalle. — M. Reichexbach has succeeded in separating

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common, and cancerous deposit as occurring in some cases. Neither of these are ever

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In recent times the fluoroscope has given us more accurate con-

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substance of this malodorous compound is freely eliminated by