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markedly contracted. On account of the adhesions, it was
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Bronchitic conditions in young or old are rapidly re-
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its apparent incapability to resist the attacks of dis-
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cm. — When can a pulmonary tuberculosis paticntt'oe
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tors in maintaining health, but of the two, elimina-
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tient. 2. Those cases in which though the principal
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under one year of age. The total deaths from all causes,
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are uniformity in strength and identity of action at
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cellency M. Jusserand. Ambassador from France to the
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and haemorrhages from the mouth and bowels. Progres-
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This diflference in the reaction of the heart in the
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all that is necessary in the majority of cases, in ad-
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on both sides by the aqueous which is a lymph fluid, a fact which
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izing the objects before him. This difficulty is not
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hospital to await developinents. It is better to op-
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children, but in adults so many other chronic arthri-
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proves, so does the local in the majority of cases.
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sented at the top of the drawing. — (From the Lan-
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cubic centimetre of white cells may be increased to
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3. Persistent Patency of the Ductus Arteriosus, with
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tating patient I'eing in bed April 26th, and 27th; no efifect
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kidney with high blood pressure, cardiac hypertrophy and im-
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the various penal institutions of the State, and all
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health must be driven home, and alcohol as a beverage must be
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than it has received in the past. An excellent index
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node cheesy material. Faeces, containing as they did
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davs' leave of absence to take effect upon his relief
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sputum, is evident from the fact that but 393 physi-
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18. Sandfly Fever (Phlebotomus Fever or Pappatacifieber )
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0.5 gramme respectively without effect, also one of
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of hair caught and with the direction and intensity
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ing between different forms of infective arthritis.
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man, ideal citizenship, and posterity would be great-
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cal profession at the present time demands from the
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